Gary Francis: A brief Bio

We are all here for a purpose, whether we acknowledge it or not.

For many hundreds of millions this place is so miserable that mere survival, struggle enough.  For those fortunate enough to be living in a more developed place, much distraction abounds.

But for both groups equal opportunity abounds for growth and development of Self.   Few however, it seems, in current times get lifted out of the mess, or are open to different outcomes than what might be perceived “normal”.

To face the tough questions about self:

  • Why am I here?
  • What’s my purpose?
  • What am I here to learn?
  • What potential harm have I caused that now needs to be healed?
  • Can I find Joy, Love and Compassion?

My journey to this place, this awareness, no different than anyone else’s.

Born in New Zealand (1961), Married with children.

Technically qualified as a trade’s person.  Went from that place to living in Sweden and other countries in a range of senior professional multinational roles.

Today I call Australia home.

What I had no hand in however was the seeking that had waited patiently for me to circle back to it.

Now when looking back I can see the hints that were being laid at my feet.

Those things, even back then, that now stand out as if someone was waving a sign at me.  Flashing lights in my eyes, waving and shouting.

Yet my Life so busy, so full, I had not the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear.

For finally, at end of all, it wasn’t me that gave me this hunger I carry today.  But it was me that allowed myself to be distracted for all those years.

So around ten or fifteen years ago I started to hear (for the first time) the questions I had carried for all that time, but in a new way.

Thus began, my Life, a new Life, one now that continues to take my breath away.

I have read and studied much.  On a very extensive range of topics.

Ancient history, Atomics, Philosophies, Energy flows, Wave Forming, Magnetic Energy, Energy flows, The Universe, A.I., Alchemy, That of the Vedic, The Weather, The Planet, Aliens, Societies, Politics’, Life’s purposes, Past life’s, Spiritual Journeys, Ancient Myths and Legends, Ancient Symbols and Art, and more.

Also, it needs to be acknowledged that even in these places, much, even these can be very attractive distractions away from “The Path”.  Being “awake” to these things, can be just another form of entrapment.

I’ve also been blessed to be mentored by some very old Souls.  Who have stood back and watched me stumble about, but also provided extremely wise council at the same time.  With amazing things, natural things being revealed to me along the way.

For as you become aware of Life’s purposes the simple question “Why am I here and what is my purpose?”, will expand into deeper and deeper questions about yourself and what you see and experience around you.

For me now, I find my place in helping those around me and trying to encourage others to begin asking themselves deep question.  That might not have been a factor of consideration before.

The Pathways to Resonance volumes and articles are therefore for you, the reader.

To decide for yourself which ones find a place in your Soul.

Which ones have you asking yourself questions you may not have considered before.

Perhaps some will show you a view or angle that you might not have seen.

I hope you stay your path, learn to learn as I did.  Learn to unprogram yourself from what the main stream informs, teaches and programs.

And Live, really live this thing called Life.

To really live well in this place, it seems, you must truly let go of yourself.

For knowing even now all the things I do know, I really know nothing.

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