To the edge of Life

To the edge of Life

I have been where few others have.

Where the experience and risk so intense, drys your mouth, prevents sweat glands from working, because every calorie spent not keeping life sustained is wasted energy. Where the next split second could be your end. A place that can not be described, a place of peace, absolute focus, moments of total total sharpness.

And yet this extreme is one, and only one place, life can be experienced. Yes perhaps not the same intensiveness it seems, but life when applied, can be a rush in a different way.

Mastering life in each moment, the walk in the sun, the breeze on your face, listening deeply to someone sharing with you, the giving of your smile, the investment of time to listen and master your inner voice. The snow flake on your face, the smell of the ocean, the sun setting on another day. In these moments there is a rush in life, perhaps more enjoyable, surpassing all I know before, all I have risked.

Don’t waste a moment, yes even one single one, to the distractions others would have you waste. Stand up, be humble and take your life back. Be with family, care about them, really care. Enjoy friendships with people who simply choose to be your friend, cherish them. Help a stranger in need. Use your Freewill to become yourself, not a symbol of a life stolen, from you.

To the Edge of life I encourage you all to go.

Go. Just go.


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