In words, not as strong as the intent beyond them

In words, not as strong as the intent beyond them

What the world misses, has had stolen perhaps.

The joy of living, drifting in the emotion of life.

The laughter, the love (oh the love), the lightness we all carry within.

Stomped on since the start, deeply vested to bury, others have set the stage.

Take back what was taken without consent. Learn to strike the flame of life again in you.

Relearn what it is to laugh, laughing hard, with family and friends.

Laugh honestly without cost to others, but roll and dance in the emotion.

Let the tears of joy burst forth for a while.

Drink in, the feeling, the simple carefree moment when joy takes you over.

Seek out those events, interests and pleasures that take you to a place of lightness.

Spend as much as you can there.

Take note of the joy that is life, this precious thing called Life.

Love, with more energy than the universe can provide.

Be immersed; fall deeply, completely head over heels in Love.

That for yourself, then partner, if life presents the choice.

Love so completely that every pore might burst.

Difficult to contain the emotion nearly all the time, you should be.

See past the petty and invest in the energy of Love.

Be grateful, feel the gratitude.

For blessed you have been.

Reach out, don’t be scared, hold nothing back, and risk it all.

For you know not when it might be gone.

Be kind, gentle and warm at all times, whenever opportunity presents.

Drift in this music, this symphony of that is Life.


If sadness must come, don’t hold back. Let go in the moment.

Fear not for your own, but don’t hold back.

Let it wash over, feel it, learn from it.

But only stay as long as it serves you.

Staying for too long isn’t healthy.

Become the lightness as originally planned, it was meant to be, for you.

Drift in the richness of who you are.

Experience fully all things that come, without fear or reservation.

Life: to Laugh, Love, Enjoy and Feel.

Let it in close, real close to your heart.

For it is your journey to experience.

Let no one cheat you from all that is yours.

Enjoy every moment.

Be the lightness as always has been originally intended.

Laugh, Love and enjoy this ride called Life.

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