Subtle, is the way, Love is the key

Subtle, is the way, Love is the key

The more revealed, the more in awe of all abounds, you will be. “Mind the Gap”, they say and yet in that simple term all truth is contained. In the Gap is all you need.

Seemingly incredibly small when first discovered, yet expanding without limit is the reality.

Brave to step, to commit to the journey, the only task at hand.

Noise dulled, world shut out, even the death to self. So incredibly thin the path and yet through each, honest, raw, vulnerable step, horizons sprint away in every direction.

In words, “walking on a sharp razors edge”, the only comparison that comes.

Yet, if astray you take it back, it simply pauses and waits for the return, no judgement attached. For life lost is not the cost. Maybe life undiscovered, a more expensive price to pay.

In the right side expression that can’t be placed into worlds. For in the right side our words fall as autumn leafs on the ground.

Unable to share, to inform, is the truth. Yet ready to support and encourage others the only task, once the gap blossoms before.

For the balance of the journey is the art.

Do no harm rule enough. For if actions taken you must, then a price to be paid, yours to account.

So incredible challenging, raw and honest with every ounce of fibre to draw.

All things weighed, Love is the key, and Subtle is the way.

Mind the Gap, everything contained therein you’ll find.

But your choice to seek it, it is.


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