The Real News

The Real News

Today’s Real Headlines

  • Poverty Ended: food and medicine finally now available to every person on the planet.
  • Return to healthy Earth: massive reforestation and global water clean-up projects now completed.
  • Crime / War: finally “A thing of the Past.”
  • Law systems made redundant: the people on the planet now live peacefully together.
  • Free Energy Systems finally replace all Fossil Fuels dependencies.
  • Global Extinction Adverted: all Man Made Global Extinction threats now laid to rest.
  • Local Production restarts: all Reliance on off shore goods and service at an all-time low. Further refinement required.
  • Corporations now held accountable: goods now being made to last as long as possible, from environmentally friendly ingredients. All goods declared Safe for Humans and the Planet.
  • Spirituality now on the rise, without need of Law, Religion and Governance of old.
  • Education system reform completed. Next Generation free to explore themselves. Being empowered not to follow the crowd, in peace.
  • New Governance models: tested, now deriving solid traceable outcomes for all. Older “Political Models” abolished.
  • Global ‘‘News Systems” Revamped. It is now mandated of “The Press” not to report from fear based approaches. Whatever is broadcasted must be based in fact and reviewed before “going to air.”


Too Large, Too far away?

And ask yourself, truly go inside and ask yourself why couldn’t the headlines be true?

Why couldn’t we be positively focused rather distracted by negative thoughts and agendas?

Why couldn’t we all turn this ship around, day by day, contributing rather than an agenda of taking, deceit and distrust?

At end of all, if all this seems too far away, headlines too large, then please ask yourself.

What could I do today, right now, to at least make a contribution towards such change for tomorrow?

For the next generation coming, for the planet, for your community, your family.

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