Good bye for now

As we spend time here on this amazing place.
If attention focused tuned just so, understanding arrives of just how special this ride is.
Through the knocks and bruises, those that would hold you back and pull you down. Through the negative self-talk, the regrets you give power to.
In spite of all that builds into pressure against you, still you can rise.
To pull yourself out of the world whilst its beauty shows up to speak to that on the inside of you.
More and more you’ll understand the suffering around. Yet at the same time the Love and Compassion will take hold. Even these must be understood and managed for both, and more, easy to drown in.
Along this ride it arrived to me and almost with broken heart, I almost couldn’t stand the duality of it all.
For in this place so much evil resides. But at the same time, the light of us all shines so brightly, upon this stage whose background light, even brighter. Beyond the ability to even stay in it’s light at times.
Decision taken long ago to contribute to make this place more, for those with the ears to hear.
This path now, no other way is known.
Wasted time along the way, I have. But understanding the power, never waned, not one bit.
You’ll find me in this place, until returning again sometime in the future.
I am in between the words, the lines authored, trying to speak to your soul. Trying to catch it’s interest enough that you’ll be attracted in the physical and then all things changed.
Forever now captured in time. Beyond the time left now.
But remember this, as it has been spoken and spoken.
It is you that holds all the power. All of it.
Everything around you is here for you, for your experience inside and upon this magical ride.
Take nothing for granted. Learn to pay attention to the signs and directions abounding all around you, even now.
Learn to Love. The love who’s depths are beyond measure. For yourself, those around you, those who are hurting and in need.
Learn to Laugh. For laughter is the healing of the Soul. In spite of all around deciding to laugh heals.
Learn to Listen. To the Nature around around, first. Then all those things and people around you. All play the role of the teacher in your Life, if quiet and observant enough.
You played no part in your own arrival. Hopefully you’ll play no part in your departure. But it is the bit in between that is totally yours.
It is you that holds all the power.
All of it.
Good bye for now.


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