The beating of my heart

The beating of my heart

Few able to hear that Life giving rhythm.

But with fingers placed just so, the wrist and neck reveal that which gives you your go.

Most give it no thought at all.

Lifted above somehow the Nature where their life, is made possible to follow. In denial perhaps of their greatness, sometimes a price you might pay at you peril.

But stay, stay in this place, where attention is now physically at the end of the finger tip.

Feel it doing what it does, no hint of complaint.

For can anyone show you anywhere, the code that makes this miracle happen?

From where did your cells gain such clear instruction to preform in this way?

To support your Life from before your birth, until on that day, it will beat its last.

Feel it now working away, a separate program running, you might not have considered until nights just past.

Knowing you had no hand in its creation.

All this and so much more given, before you even asked.

How puffed up so easy to be, forgetting all the gifts given to allow you to be.

Mankind, all that is you and I, isn’t above Nature, no not one bit. Born into it only, seems we are forgetting our place in it.

For no one had a hand in the making, that makes you so.

All of this provided for you, as you should go with the flow.

For all of mankind isn’t outside of the Nature where we live. We are fact perhaps an expression of all Nature can achieve. Not separate from it any aspect not one bit.

Where, where will you go, when next you find yourself stressed? What lie might get told to tell you how great you are?

Feel it now, this gift to you, that has been given.

Come back to this place again and again and just listen.

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