the hang of the ride

For a long time, noise constantly at you.

Throughout your Life, you have been. So loud that no other song could have possibly made it in.

For it was education, work, family, paying the debts, the Life crammed so full that no hint of anything else could arrive. Until on that faithful day a question arrived, as if almost from “out of the blue” it came.

What if you looked again to how you were involved in your own Life, and thus the journey began. This or some other random question arrived, that started you looking Life as if almost for the first time.

As you trusted the space more, so the new view started to become more clear. For now you could see that in fact, many people around you at the same time, walking their own path of discovery. Just like you.

Over time the noise of the world, quietens down and a new song arrives the one that has played for all time, was just waiting for you to arrive. For you to tune in.

From deep inside the knowing knows. Falling into rivers of gold, your journey now has really begun.

So there you are now, just learning to hold your space. Like all the others around are doing, each to their own pace. They turn up in your Life, no need for hollow words.

For you know they know, perhaps in a different way. But the same path, yours individually, each of us are.

The music that is Life, volume slowly turns up over time. So that now the mystery and fun of Life, fills you to the brim and more. And you can see, all around, that know the knowing like you. All now tuning into the real music of Life. Learning how to walk anew.

But then someone else tries to barge their way in, with boom box on the shoulder, beating to another drum.

Disruptive, abrasive and annoying at best, might define the new start. With the banging on the drum and the “look at me”, that just doesn’t seem to end.

It breaks the energy just forming around you, as it gets in. Then once you start to pay it attention, give it energy it so hungrily desires, from you.

You notice that each moment you give it attention. The pristine view and music you were just starting to hold and understand, instantly begins to fade.

All the “news” from the mass media of late, might be a considerate place to start.

For the more time spent distracted by it all, sharing it and talking each day all over again, the more it takes from your very Soul.

So how, how then can I get them to turn that racket down?

Well maybe, if you just hold your focus to where it previously was. Paying the disruptor no heed at all. Remaining focused on the new music you were just beginning to find.

Then at end of all, with no one left to disrupt, the noisy entrant will eventually get bored, turn off the music and leave.

For the more attention given, energy redirected to focus thus. The more they win the battle for you in this war that surrounds today.

If you just totally ignore them, eventually they’ll get bored, pack up and move to other place to be. Another drum to bang on, perhaps in another time, far far away.

Be careful today as you venture out.

Watch where your energy goes.

Don’t give up on the new music of your new life. Don’t give this amazing place to be, away.

For the bully can only be the bully, if he has someone to play.

Turn up the music of your Life, from the inside it comes.

Ignore the noise of the world.

That hollow empty drum.

But mindful at all times you must be.


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