Come together in Love, we must

Nothing, nothing more obvious today than that, in which, we all matter not.  Plans abound, formed from centuries before, waiting for the timing to be right.

Rights, taken without notice and crushed long ago.

Only now, when we ask for our power back, is the truth revealed into plain sight.  That we matter not.

Not, at least, to those who discount the spirit of Man.

For as history will reveal when our kids’ kids look back on these days, the spirit of man prevailed.  The Kindness of Man will return to Mankind.

For when the spirit of Man steps up, all things in the shadows will dragged screaming into the light.  The hate, the Lust for power, all the crimes against the people and this place we call home, will be revealed.

All of them without doubt.

For it is the returning of Man to remember again what he always was.  What his true Nature is and has been all along.

A time of new beginning is at hand.  Mark these words.

A time of much Abundance, Joy, and Laughter will return.  Poverty, crime and hate, a thing of the past.

But above all, we’ll remember how to truly Love again.

To come to really know what Love really is.

We’ll understand, oh so much more, the layers inside Love, true Love as we let go and explore.

Love the most powerful force of all, will arrive to us, to those that can see, what they can.

Hate, Ego, deceit, “my rights”, being “right” all the time and anger will not apply.  There will be no law required to tell you the right and wrong and how to act.  For it will be on you, the you want to become.

You’ll not arrive to even the first step, if you try to hold onto those things that got us to now.  You’ll simply not be allowed to enter in, as define in Natural law.  As the square peg says now, to the round hole before.   Sharp edges must come off.

New thinking, much work, much putting down of everything the system has taught.

Inside you must go to explore the all, the all, you really are.

For during these times of new birth, much pain about, from all those trying to deceive and hold you down.

But as Natural Law defines, in times of birth, the pain has to come and go.  That is exactly what is going on around us now, in and around our home.

If you turn away now, in these days and focus instead, on Love.

The real Love of self, of the gift given just to be here, the Love for all those around and this place we call home.

Then the crowning will, right in front of your eyes, begin to happen.

For this time of transition is indeed happening now all across the world.

As we put Law down and all those applying it in this time and replace all of it with Love.

If not for ourselves, then for my kids and yours and theirs.



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