For I might not be here tomorrow

For I might not be here tomorrow

As you opened your eyes this morning. Take a moment to think about that miracle. Your been asleep, no conscious thought on how to stay alive. Breath, Heart beat, Lungs, Eyes, Ears all intact, doing what they do.

Yet every day same miracle of Life preformed.

But no guarantee about this has been written in slate anywhere. We just take it for granted more each day.

For I might not be here tomorrow. And it is really worth remembering that.

As you travel this path, this experience we call Life. Remember that you know not when it might end.

Put right the destruction, some where you may have done, behind you. For if you don’t it may be cast that way forever. And the world has enough of that already, sadly it seems.

Love those close to you, with all your heart. Tell them how much you Love them in your Life. And if that is not the case for you today, then start now to work towards it.

Laugh today, laugh long and hard, be a beacon of Joy. Make sure not to cast a shadow of deceit or misery, upon yourself or those close by.

Live to respect those around and the positions of thought they hold. Just as validly they onto theirs, as you do yours.

If you can, push yourself today in some way, experience something new. As long as that isn’t hurting the planet nor yourself or anyone else, then go get it done today. Not wait, wait not a minute, for you know not when it all might end.

Be brave, upright and strong. Brave enough to help another if the need presents. Brave enough to take the time, decide to give the gift, just to listen. Be brave to be honest with yourself.

Try song writing, painting, taking long walks. Dance, dance long and hard. If experience offered, run towards it. Let nothing hold you back from trying to experience everything. All of it around you and beyond horizon just carry on. Take up a musical instrument; just give it all a go.

Don’t put anything off.

Take a lover, or two or three. Enjoy yourself, please do.

Try to stay focused on what makes you happy, without consideration for the thoughts of others. For what others think of you, is none of your business.

Be kind to yourself and others around and grateful that this Life is yours at all.

Try never to forget, now having read this.

How grateful we should all be just that our eyes opened at all.

And we get a chance to make this place better together.

For I might not be here tomorrow.

So I better get on with it.

Quick smart.

For I might not be here tomorrow.

And I am letting that now sink in.


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