Stars and atoms shining

Stars and atoms shining

The big bang that from which supposed all light came. From this best guest at the start of this place. Everything created always has been and will be born into existence in that split second.

And nothing has escaped or presumably hasn’t entered since.

From this all, all around has taken form. From the night’s sky star light to the hot summer day not a cloud in the sky, sun beating down. Everything is cycling either from this light or in some way making its way to return to it again one day.

For it is full spectrum light which brought you to here, now, in your Life at this exact time. And that cannot be denied.

For if now everything that is the substance which is me, came from some distance star somewhere, sometime. Indeed all did.

Where now gone the light from whence it came?

And of course answer simple, plain in sight it is. Just changed in form maybe has been.

It’s in how we behave towards ourselves and each other and how we look after our home. Oh and of course each heartbeat of your heart with the light of Life, given carefully to you.

For the light is the light from distant star we all came from is the light of this gift called Life and that of Love.

It’s the light we have been permissioned to create. The Light of Love towards ourselves and others sharing the same space.

Our expression of what is now light for us found in how you conduct yourself and who you are to others around you now. Sharing this home as we all are.

It is in and from these places that you’ll begin to glow. People draw to you, by some force of attraction. Just wanting to stay for a while to bathe in your light. Always glad to see and sad to depart.

The more light given out, the brighter your light shines. Till literally behind you a wake of perfection follows you as you go. As you contribute and help us build this new place needed at these times.

As you do your best.

For no higher request can a man make.

For this light we’ve been given, ours to ply as we like.

For as we do, and return to the light on that day, we find ourselves. For that journey is as natural
as this place all is.

Did we really do our best with all that we were given?

And towards those around us and ourselves.

With all that light we were given.


Pathways to Resonance.

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