From the very start programmed, before option for anything else even arrived. As time passed more your mind, your soul, who you were supposed to be, bit by bit removed, gently taken away.

Taught that someone has rights over you to force you to comply with the mould already cast to fit.

Taught that Life was a competition and you had to get ahead. To stomp, scream and kick your way through Life. No consideration for those slain when you look back.

Rather what you never understood, never instruction provided.

You are abundantly powerful, but in ways so far beyond, those that never wanted you to know or understand, understand all too well.

Yours should be the journey of what it is to soar.

To discover all you can be and let adventure that should be this life, overwhelm you as you come to understand. What an absolute gift to be here at all, in that in which you took no hand.

Gratitude and Compassion allowed to seep in. To replace all the hurt, anger and pain of the past. The heal yourself; this is where these sharp edges come off.

This decision to turn away from the world and go inside yourself to discover your all.

You have to decide. For no one can instruct you to be brave enough to take first step. To look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why.

But one thing for sure will take place.

The moment that you decide to put all of the noise of the world down. To throw away the competition, anger, deceit and hate. That moment when you decide enough is enough, a Life giving change, new paths to be explored will open up.

But be mindful in these days, for much change coming our way. For Nature is coming and coming fast, ready or not.

Perhaps much risk taken for those that have closed themselves off.

For Nature is moving on in these days, caring not for the folly of Man. It is presenting a new place of being, for those that have held the view. The view of application and change.

And committed themselves to the journey that all the sharp edges have had to come off.

To begin the journey to understand what it is to truly love.

To Love yourself and forgive of all that might never have considered you would.

For this is where the sharp edges, that don’t serve you or those around you, come off.

And in this task, the journey of learning and understanding that Life truly is.

Are the places, that when ready to see and feel, will take your breath away.

Soar in the abundance of Life, to know Love, Joy and happiness, the result.



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