When we gaze beyond the stars.

When we gaze beyond the stars.

At certain times, our eyes upwards, exploring our thoughts and feelings, about that which is our home.

We see the night’s sky. Eyes transfixed, deep yearning of belonging gently takes hold. For all here, have felt this before. Maybe even as recently as last night.

As we look out that of galaxies, stars, and at times parts of our local home, revealed. Perhaps just because we looked. What a miracle it is to be here upon this rock.

For there can be no denying the knowing that this indeed, all of it, is our home. Our home all of it is.

In the same way if ever asked our answer thus. “We are from this little planet in the middle of nowhere called “Earth” and the feeling of home we all hold so close. If you request that memory from deep inside you, your request will be granted. That home to which we are all connected, perfectly you see.

Far beyond any words to describe. The Soul knows all too well, of exactness of it’s location in space and time.

And there perhaps with all of this not pondered before, we look out at the night’s sky and wonder in amazement. The all that is revealed, the all in perfection that it all really is.

Perhaps, next time, when opportunity presents and time no longer holds you, as you gaze upwards, beyond the stars. Ponderence might occur to allow yourself to ask: “In how many places, from billions of locations, are others looking up and seeing us?”

For all in here at this moment of space and time, we find ourselves sharing this Universe. This bubble inside of no place, we know is home.

Perhaps on occasions, they might even feel you looking at them. One on one, such the power might be.

For to be in this Universe, upon our planet, is to know abundance indeed. Our Universe holding up billions upon billions of instances Life, in abundance, it does.

Exactly as it manifests abundance the same locally, right here, on this rock in space. For it knows not, that of boundary you see.

But to go a little deeper now, as we gaze upon the stars, in the cool night air. In amazement, moment held.

If distance and time no limit now. The breaking of those rules, now well understood.

We then in the community of our neighbourhood, being asked to give an account.

For of interest to the Life in the Universe, “how well is each manifestation doing?” always the concern.

Would we proud of ourselves there on that day. Chin held up high in pride. Or would we then, in that moment, wish that we could be anywhere else.

For to provide a real account, maybe even to be honest, perhaps for the first time. A tale of destruction, crime, pollution, greed hate and anger laid bare.

But even worse exposed, when that of usery upon each other, individually and collectively explained. The poverty, the slavery, stress that kills, the raping of our planet, the chemical poisoning of our home and ourselves, in detail now explained. The slide show no one would ever want to give.

Would we then, upon that day be able to really hold our heads up or wish to climb under a rock in shame?

For then and there, there would be no place to hide. As if listening to the most dreadful of nightmares, even you now can perhaps for the first time, hear the horror. So much sorrow now sweeps the entire place.

Naked before all eyes laid bare and ashamed, perhaps all would be.

For now with so much time consumed. Normally a species such as ours, given the most perfect of places as we have. Wars, usery, poverty, destruction, not even taught in histories’ class any more.

So far behind in fact, as if train never left the station. For we are all still fighting about where we want to sit.

Rather, much better the message needs to be. We have figured out now and are putting down all the hate, anger and deceit. Not yet perfect do we have hold.

But now at least all the intelligent Life on this planet, now at least living peacefully. Learning how to begin being grateful for Life and all that we call home. Even if only for the very first time.

And better yet you are able to give a personal account of the changes you have made even in your own Life. In order to help everyone one around you, how to pick up Love.

Where we all need to be when we now next gaze beyond the stars.

A smile must come individually knowing that you can say you did and are doing all you can to make this place called home, a so so much better place.

For even if only, when connections truly made in our local neighbourhood. We need arrive in celebration, not the shame as would be the case today. Enough, just this motivation should be.

For as all look towards us, as you gaze next time, beyond the stars.

Perhaps they would see a role model even in your behaviour at a personal level, they they’ll want to emulate. More so when they came to understand how much of one accord, we have managed to achieve, now over time.

So there on the next cool air night, when gazing beyond the stars, you might. Next time as opportunity presents. Who knows, maybe even tomorrow night.

Make sure now please do. To hold that smile, eyes shining so bright.

Knowing that we are all now, you included, doing just fine. Knowing that in the now, and those nows’ coming afterwards. You are and we are now at least, starting to go in the right direction.

As you can now smile, knowing that they all can now actually smile at you right back.

And you in turn now, might be able to feel them. If you hold your smile just so.

As we gaze beyond the stars.

Doing just fine in our galactic neighbourhood we’ll be.


Pathways to Resonance.

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