In that moment

In that moment

Arrival to this place is pure. Eyes and ears wide open you start to drink in all the experience of the amazing place you find yourself.

That of the child learning Love, feeling it deep inside you, close.

Smelling the world, touching it. For this, in this time around, your first real experience of what is real, around you.

That of colour, movement, warmth, heat, cold and all the rest.

Then expression creeps towards us. Crying from some scratch, laughing at the games, the Joy wrapped in those special times. Angry, sad all new, but beginning the mastery for real we are now. To continually be honed as we step into the shoes that being adult requires.

Standing ready now, ready to take on the world. As the independence of youth starts to arrive and drifts into adulthood. That is refined when we leave home. Perhaps making real, Life changing decisions, on our own two feet, for the first time.

By this time of course, much programming already instilled from the world. How to look, what to say, perhaps even what normal is.

Some lives above as if flight. Others nothing but constant struggle. Much push and struggle required.

But to try to keep up, all must.

More and more loaded Life might become. More load carried, more struggle required. More and more it comes, corners of the world come closer. More and more limit placed into Life.

For days for some, others might take years. When the load becomes just too much to be lifted even one more step forward. For it is breaking point, that has arrived.

When the entire world closed in around. Suffocating, choking, hemming in.

Enough the cry, not a moment more will I carry all this. There it is done. All this nonsense I carry no more. When ready embarking on a new way to try all that is in focus now.

Changed from every angle, Life is now. New priorities, new directions and exploration never understood before, well underway.

For it is there in that moment, that exact split second, nothing more from the world you want. That you start there on that first day. Your own Life without all the garbage and baggage given from the world.

For in that moment, all the nonsense revealed.

For it is that moment, no matter whether big or small to arrival it has been.

It is that moment you begin to be free. To Live life now, crafted as exactly as you like.

Yours taken back Life is.

From this empowered you are. For having gone through all the suffering, the strength the resolve ever more powerful it is.

Take the time to thank yourself. For making it through those tough times as you look back. If you care to hold the glance.

For it was in these moments when you truly started, to discover who, the who you really are. Without all the baggage of the world holding you down. And also you didn’t let it all consume you. For you decided to step forward into your own Life, rather than being consumed by it.

In that moment

You really started to free yourself.

It’s Ok to be proud of those moments, on the inside.

Freedom, you started to take it back.

In that moment.


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