New Humans

From this world they come. In this now, they reside.

Those that want a better place than that of today. Already heard the trumpets arriving, who now hold themselves to account to make this place better than it is. To have faced themselves, sometimes brutal the lesson to have held fast through.

And can still look to the horizon coming and can smile. This the pathway of those that know the meaning.

Knowing at all times everything about them becomes just a celebration of Life.

It is of these now, this article pertains too.

For not too far ahead of us soon, some changes for the betterment of mankind are being ignited. Where this madness we find ourselves in now. Just a thing in the past will be. To be read about one day in history books, the lesson, not more. For our species, changes are afoot.

Because those too which, this article hits and accord. It is you, you in the now, beginning to see Life all around you. One big celebration in feeling sometimes comes my way. It is for them now this given.

For those already, “New Humans” and the millions now already starting to look at Life from another angle. Not previously revealed into your conscious, but now it is. For that is all it takes to be free.

For ahead, not too far away out, as more and more lights around our planet start to burn brighter. A much much better future is there looking forward.

The entire “Human Race” concept will have been put down.

Rather a real commitment there’ll be, to explore all the Peace and what returning to The Kindness of Man, or Mankind if you prefer, has to offer. And the commitment to it is serious and very one is happy to do it. For this now, just one of countless others, you see.

And the people have the power already to own it.

So a real safe feeling, everywhere will pervade the land. Holding its energy, amazing if you can.

We all will be taking care to Live light, working hard to rebalance all the destruction we have caused. We’ll be in celebration of our only home. Take a moment to feel the celebration of understanding.

How important it is that we already take great care to live, as we are. The guests, upon which we are, has us all in awe of all around us, the Nature provides. Lost our way for a little while not more. Gratitude, Humbleness, real care takers of our home we’ll be learning to be.

Our focus will be upon making everything, all of it, better for those coming after us, as we leave this place. The “planet of sorrows”, label no more.

For this time coming now, that which already your heart has heard. When being alive here will mean that, no longer the way of hate, war and anger. Rather we will have decided to put down all the differences, holding them together in celebration. The vision you can see, if you look.

Where we just now try to help each other, rather than all the killing and destruction of before. Compassionate, Caring and Considerate we’ll be with ourselves. Where the privilege of even to be on such a Planet of Joy, maybe the name deserved. Will be such a small part of the knowledge and wisdom now given as early as possible to the young ones.

For it will be understood that the caretaking of our home, in their hands one day, will be. And we’ll want our children to do better, always.

The gratitude for the “here” being here for us, doing what it does to support all of our Lives. Taught as young as possible.
With great care we’ll looking after this place.

So it is for you this mind’s eye given.

You, you that can hear the song, learning to put down everything of the old. Stepping bravely into the reflection of themselves. Who have asked more than once perhaps, what is this all about?

Those that hold the imagery, feel the feelings of living in such a way. Those who have learnt to respect Life all around them, perfectly.

This glimpse, as small as it is, feel free to stay as long as you like, enjoying the lines of words, between the lines. For this now given, not even “tip of the iceberg”, compared to all the other wonderful, dynamic things we will be getting up to.

And it is in these places that you’ll find yourself.

For it is from these places already that you have heard the call.

Stay as long as you like. Holding the energy of now. Please do.

For now it is your heart, listened too, that takes you in another direction. Small smile allowed if you like, the feeling of what it will be like to be there. For it will be that good, better than imagined. Wildest dreams, not enough. The belonging from inside, at times, might have even overwhelmed. But to walk the path now, more natural than before.

For those that can hold that picture now, knowing it to be true. And more aside.

This was given.

Oh, and if you are now intrigued to look, it will be those around you with that attractive energy you’ve noticed once or twice.

For the light pouring out of them seems warm and natural somehow.

Look for them as sometimes as they do, they arrive into your Life maybe only for a little while. For that seems the way of the path, to be.

For the New Humans are already being called to where they are needed most. So if you are seeking, they’ll be there, if you look.

Perhaps even as if, looking at a person you’ve seen a thousand times before. Only to see them from a totally different angle, for the first time, might be the case.

Blessed they’ll be to know, it was you, that was in need. Even if you didn’t know it yourself.

For these now the “New Humans” have let go and are loving Life from a richness inside. Like having a light on, when they are about. Gently oh so gently they are holding the world in their hands, already knowing the knowing.

The birth givers to a new Kindness of Man, no less. For that of race, can no longer hold.


Pathways to Resonance

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