Rivers of Gold

Rivers of Gold

Whether understood or not, Life whether rich or poor, rivers of gold have been given to all of us to explore. And more on top, if ponderance held right.

For regardless of the time granted for us to be here. Knowing not the click of a clock that will be our last.

Experiences, by the millions, countless throughout Life’s span, offered to you in such a personal way. For they come as a mighty river, drowning in them each day, we do.

Each ours, given to no one else. Personalised the delivery into your Life.

Just there, for the most part unnoticed, in and an throughout our lives. These jems, that stacked together, we call of Life. These rivers of gold we travel upon, day by day. So constant, no gap between them can be found in the now.

Whether or not that of laughter, Love, friendship, joy, anger or worse might be offered for you to respond to today. Each of them, all of them arrive to you without cost. Each priceless in their own way.

The summer warm wind on the face, the harsh winter blizzard chill, no difference. None can be found.

To feel the taste of something upon on the tongue, to hold another’s hand or the deep warmth of making Love. To be set in our ways, or surrender into each day, the now inside, to be moulded constantly into something new.

So exquisite the view of Life can be held. Marvellously transfixed, breathless, often the result.

For the beauty of Life itself are these things we call experiences, that come our way you see. Endless, limitless the count.

But as each one, a miracle of Life, flows by. That of mere foundation of life only, thus far has been described. For experiences are nothing, without us in them, as they challenge us to respond. Moment by moment into our lives.

For given for us to respond or not to them that of Freewill we each have.

To be triggered again and again as a lesson repeats itself endlessly until into your Life the understanding comes. So you can move on in the advancement of your soul. Or to not notice any of them at all.

Or to choose to see the goodness in all of them, in response, you can.

For it is in the mastering of being consciously aware of who you are, who you are trying to become, as each moment passes you by. That, held in awe, that we have, each of us, our freewill to decide.

For seeing the experiences beautiful indeed, in that, there can be no doubt. But when understanding comes that we need not carry the bags of yesterday in now. Even in this moment of now, as you read this. For in each now, new in them we can arrive, open to the adventure of Life. In control of our response we can learn to be.

That just because yesterdays response was once one thing. But now decision taken to hold another space of reply, today in the now you have.

Such is the incredible freedom, just given to us all, at no cost. Taken for granted or not, matters not you see.

The experiences of your Life, through which you can choose to be a better version of yourself. Not bound by any aspect of the past. For no baggage needs be carried as we venture forth. Your freewill to decide.

Each day new.

Such are the gifts of this thing we call Life.

These rivers of gold.

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