Now as we go on a journey together.

Now is the time most critical for us to decide. This choice now before us, never more sober required. For now is the time we must decide.

Our choice so simple yet never more profound. Will we be the destruction of ourselves and much of our home? Or do we, today in this very moment, begin to return to that of our real nature.

For today, as it unfolds moment by moment before you, in your day. All the power of change, each of us has.

Will we return, will you return, where others have already set sail towards? (even if you’ve not noticed yet) A better outcome for themselves, their families and friends and those around them. Squarely and most assuredly, towards they strive.

For there are those, many in numbers, turning away from that where the masses go. For the race we are told it is human to be, on the event horizon and over the edge they fall, never to come back. Consuming all before this singularity is.

For as you cast your thoughts back now and look deeply into what your experiences are. Maybe you’ll see more than ever expected in your days previous to this.

Our doors are locked. Locks are everywhere, not because Nature is our threat. But because we are such a threat, even to ourselves. To risky to let any stranger in.

We use single use everything, all the time. Caring not for the tomorrow when we will indeed have not. For we consume with such ease of elegance that maybe you haven’t noticed before.

Everything package right down to the single. Constantly wasting everything for the competitive edge.

Goods shipped all over our planet. To those that can afford to pay the reapers price. No care for the actual cost from this insanity, not a thought for tomorrow’s plight.

For those whose fortunes less than ours. Left to die in their homes, the children as well, just because they can’t afford to pay, to stay alive. Silent their voices, their screams of despair. So long as news doesn’t deliver it to my door. In blissful ignorance we remain. Yet the guilt still remains.

We murder, with such precision, such investment made, that profit in killing can make anyone a customer of death. Delivered conveniently to your door, if you wait not too long. For sure enough war will come to a neighbourhood near you. If now, head buried in the sand, you remain.

Our behaviour towards each other. That of isolation and “don’t get involved”, built right in. For fear and distrust of each other, almost born with it, now we are. In this thing we call the race to be human. Never a bigger lie.

Constantly worried about a taker that might arrive into our life. Constantly reading, watching, talking about all manner of calamity, all the corruption, all the lies. Normal sadly, it is now, it seems.

Food that kills, packaged nicely for our convenience right at the right height in our food shops, it is. Health food isles, no further proof required.

Poisons injected, in our water, our foods, and sprayed everywhere on our lands. All the places we share with everything else that knows this place to be home. For we kill the land and everything upon it so efficiently now days.

Trust no one, help no one and care not for anyone just outside your circle. Every purchase, every movement, even our online thinking now being tracked. From space to deep ocean current no place soon to hide.

For when you are racing towards death, no time to pause required at any time.

Yet against all odds, against this mighty wind there are those, right now as you read this. For a brave new world, whilst surviving this mess, never more focused have they been.

For them decision already bravely taken to rediscover what it is to be the kindness of man. To remember what it is to really be mankind. With the race now far behind.

Where, where are these folk you say are now paddling against the flow?

Well perhaps the biggest secret never told for your ears to hear.

It is you and all those around you, once you decide.

For no one can make any law, rule or act of governance to prevent you from remembering. That you have Freewill packaged right in with this gift you have been given. As you travel through this journey called Life.

To look after your processions, making “things” last as long as possible. So you consume less. Teach all those around you to do the same.

To give a smile, regardless of reception, just because you decide.

To listen rather than to speak down to another, when just sharing and a shoulder to lean on. All that really was required. Just to listen all that was asked of you.

To put down all the aggression and heal yourself of the scars carried for so long. Many hours the path to walk required.

To learn how to truly Love and forgive yourself and those around you in this paradise in which we all live.

Helping those around openly and genuinely seeking better outcomes for them, often before self, than perhaps you’ve afforded for you in days gone by.

Holding yourself accountable to make this world better than it was yesterday. Remaining focused
if lucky enough, tomorrow presents itself into the present, for you to again try.

For now today in this moment.

Will we all remain lethal in our existence towards each other and our home? As the race is defined.

Or will the kindness of man prevail? As you now decide to live better or not.

Upon knife’s edge we all stand.

Right now, in the moments it took, for you to read this.

And it is only you that can decide.


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