You are now in a dark room. It’s empty, large in size that of a public hall close in comparison. Nothing but darkness presents.

It’s safe, for in this room, to learn, to see, the task.

The challenge in a minute clear.

When the light in the middle, dangling from it’s cord, turned on. Find a gap in the light, where the rays don’t strike the eye.

Impossible to do, we all know, no matter how hard you try. As there is no gap, at this scale, in the light coming from the bulb.

Regardless of all that is space and time in the room or how dull the lamp. Nowhere, anywhere can you place yourself where even a shred of darkness revealed. When gazing at the bulb. Where you can’t see the light. It fills the room.

But have you ever considered the same at the vastness of space in this place we call home?

When gazing into the night’s sky, twinkling creators of light, the stars at night. We see that of a single point of light coming into the eye. It’s light dances before us at times, it seems.

Yet consider perhaps a wider view of that single point of dazzling occurring in your eye.

For if you move to another place on this rock we call home, another place in the room, in the room if you like, from the example set. And look up again at that one that held the gaze before. Again you’ll see it there as a single speck of light. For at this great distance, that single speck of light is all you see.

Yet more now, for let’s considering looking up from another planet in the solar system. No change, no difference in experience, if you could. Our single speak of light, our star, unchanged from vantage point that is new.

Further now, new solar system somewhere else in the galaxy we call home. A new place to again to see the same twinkling light as before.

You there now smiling as our unchanging friend, still there.

Still casting a light from any advantage point anywhere. It’s light completely filling the space. It fills space, in every direction, as the bulb in in our room. No “gap” in it’s light to be found.

Speaking to you of a single ray of light you first saw when home on our planet. The experience of seeing it the same. Regardless feet on the ground here or in another place, the same.

For the reality is of course that space is not empty it is full of energy, of electricity of frequency. Light frequencies and an infinite array of others, criss crossing “the void” of space.

For there is, in reality no gap, in the energy of light that has been given off by our star, shining so bright, regardless of distance or radius, from it we are.

That over millions and billions of light years of travel. Light from that point out there in the Universe so complete, that there is no gap anywhere in the Universe where it will not be seen.

Almost as a solid object of light each star is. Reaching everywhere in the Universe.

So what now the point of all this imagery stuff? For where now does our go story go, if it isn’t in someway about us?

For even if you move just a meter or two to left or right, our twinkling star, a new ray of light will now strike the eye.

Inside the room or at universal scale, the same.

But now, for a moment, or a Life time please do. Hold the picture the consideration of infinity it takes to completely fill space, everywhere, at any distance, close or far, for you to see the light in the your eye.

Not a gap in light emitted anywhere, you’ll find.

For in a moment or two whilst holding the same view, perhaps we can consider “other things” in just the same way. To see them anew.

Because the truth is humanity is the same. For just as endless as the infinite described above.

Just as complete, just as limitless are the outcomes we can choose and make for ourselves. Our “light” being given off.

This Life, that one we are all in right now, we can, the you that is you and the I that is I. Make choices each moment of every day to make Life, that of endless possibility. Infinite in outcome, the same.

Do we scream, fight and argue our way through our day. Much tension, disease and death the result? Might, another path, we explore?

Do we start to turn our attention to outcome perhaps not considered before? Where we, day by day, start to cease the destruction of everything around us? Rather strive in new directions to begin to actually look after this place.

For undeniable indeed it is, each and everything we do think or manner we act, affects everything around us in space. Just as any star or light does now.

Each of us have so complete, so infinite the choices we can make. In our responses towards each other and towards the Nature around us all. This place we call home.

Right back now smaller, down past our star of infinite output, to where we started with lamp about to be turned on, in our room.

Your are the star of your Life. Completely filling the space around you as you go.

For in this reflection, it is your light which fills the room. And now beyond, if universal model still in focus.

How you interact with others and everyone around you. The energy and intention you give off.

Regardless of where you reside, all of us, give of light or energy if your prefer. Because light is just another frequency, after all.

Your are the star of your Life.

The real law here described, the example given. Just the natural way that Nature is, not more.

The Nature that makes you the star you are.

You are the star of your Life. Your completely light fills the space around you completely.

Up to you what colour on the day, or moment, you share with everyone around you. To spill over into making our collective consciousness what it is.

The colours of that light, be they light or dark.

The art of you living your life.

Be the star of your Life, to decide the colour of your light, filling the space around you.

The light of a star you are.


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