Everyone through Life has been programmed, conditioned if you like, to see this world of ours in just one way really. Competition, being the Human Race you’re here to be. At the very cost of life, this game is played.

For there deep inside, known also in the background of the mind, playing its part. Is the knowledge about the barriers that only occupied can break.

To strive for themselves for better out comes than before.

To know what it is to punch through this transparent barrier installed in your being. To live now seeing how crazy the madness is. To see the real unfold before with and for heart and mind.

For Life isn’t supposed to be a competition. Rather the world celebration and community should be at the top. For it is only when we walk this path that we’ll truly start to advance.

That of law, judgement division, isolation old concepts from the past. That of what to think and what your value might be.

Fear wrapped around your heart, so tightly for so long now, you no longer notice.

Don’t reach out to another in need. Too much risk lays there.

Fear of standing out in the crowd. Being beautifully different.

Fear of not fitting in and that feeling of being left out.

Fear of each other. When there is no need.

Fear of failing, missing the mark, not having enough.

Fear of not knowing what might happen.

Fear of the stories you see in the news.

All of these given to you and so many more, barriers and more barriers that have been installed into your thinking. By the design of this place and what it needs from you.

For it needs, it’s entire purpose, is to bind and hold down. To suffocate. To place fear, deep there inside us all.

But what might be the harm in actually try something new for a change and just be kind to each other?

You know just by making a start, doing something so simple.

Maybe just a smile or nod, or perhaps both. Just to say hello, how are you? Without needing to say a word, tiny connection made, perfectly so.

Or perhaps commit to doing one good thing for another as the day unfolds, each of them. Cause for sure we’ll not run out of opportunity anytime soon.

Or perhaps just finding tiny spaces initially if that is all you can find right now. To slow down your world a little bit. To discover how beautiful you are.

Or perhaps just learn how to forgive another for squeezing that space on the road. You know to learn again, how to be considerate. It ain’t that hard.

Or perhaps spend some quality time to repair relationships of the past, if needed. Or helping someone else if you have already done the work.

Or perhaps just share with someone who your favourite artists are.

A big breath and some quality time, being all grown up and real with each other. To rebuild it all and yourself. The very energy of this entire place would change unbelievably if we did that.

Or perhaps consider now going forth in your Life to do all of these and so many more not detailed here.

Cause we are all still free enough today, to do this for one and another.

No Law or regulation could bind you in these acts. For actually being nice to others and yourself, isn’t a crime. When you think about it.

Behind behind all these barriers, at a very personal level, your own array of personal walls holding you back.

Carried into the now. To hold you back from each one of those precious moments of your Life. So you’ll not consider what you might have actually come here for.

But yours are yours to deal with how you like. Whether or not it has all become too comfortable. To be behind these bars. Or not.

Yours the work, for no one else can do for you.

Yours to begin taking them all down, or not.

For them maybe the thought might arrive to us all. What do we have to loose? In the, giving it all a go, part.

And honestly wouldn’t it just be nice not to “need” all these people to tell us how we must live. Paying our way, fighting to the top of nothing, one against the other.

For all those barriers don’t stand a chance if we invest just a little time to find out. Reality it’s true.

All required to put down the madness of the Human Race and work out again how to be Mankind. The kindness of Mankind. Being nice to each other and ourselves. All it would take.

Oh and one last thing, I almost forgot. If indeed to decide to be change in now. One thing, a promise made.

If you hold fast in doing the right things about the aspects of Life that will reveal themselves to do if you do.

An incredible awareness of the depths and riches abounding in all our lives. Will arrive to you. Each of us.

Will have us dancing together in perfect synchronicity with that of our home. For the first time in a along along time, remembered exactly who we are, quiet nicely.

To turn and tear down the barriers we must. Or not. For you are the creator of your world.

The gift of Life it seems.

To make such a choice.


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