Pause now for a while or moment or two. Before you have to rush off, a few moments requested, not more.

For a wonderful little adventure awaits if you give yourself the time.

As you relax now, allowing your mind to being open to creating the picture, the scenes at each level. The journey holds, before us now.

Everything is safe also, please be assured. For as we rise, safer than being tucked under the most marvellous bed coverings, it will feel. So safe and warm. No matter the height you need to go to see the sights, just perfect it will be for you, you’ll see.

For this is what it feels like to give Life a go in a different way you see. If you’ll stay with me here for a brief while and take a moment or two to imagine this.

Like perfectly standing there in the middle of a field, fresh grass smell warming on the slowly rising Sun. Around a paddock boarded by trees, maybe 100 meters out from you, on all sides. Can you imagine that and hold the smells just so in the mind, of this fresh new summer’s day as it unfolds?

Take a moment or two or more and pause here for a while. To ensure you feel how fantastic it is, to be there, not a care in the world, assured. Safe be, it is to be there. Taking it all in the sights and the sounds of the nature you find yourself surrounded by, now in this time.

After a while, gently really unnoticed the change so subtle. For now the sight changed to being able to look down on those trees. As you gently rise, only feeling perfectly fine.

For as you rise more and more comes into view. But in very specific ways you can see down underneath now. With a level of detailed immersement, that it still feels like you are on the ground.

So no fidelity lost, no matter the heights we now travel. All detail there at your disposal. Just waiting to grab your heart.

For a little higher now, we rise more quickly. With an ocean appearing before us, trees now under us with everything feeling just right. Pausing so naturally, we get stopped at different heights we need, along the way.

For this ride is like an elevator ride. The higher up the further and broader the horizon becomes. But just like, as elevators doors do, until next stopped reached, they block the view. What you can still clearly see the view you held before.

Until the doors slowly open at our next rest stop. Only narrow the view as you look out.

But as time ebbs and the doors slowly slide open, wider the view seen, more in you this new view becomes.

For these are the levels of work, self learning, self doubt and learning our lessons, to which we might care to be focused. When what brought us to a level of understanding now understood. Lessons for you now being processed in the order they should.

And often when there, each level accomplished. So, so much more than ever imagined, gets revealed to be right. Much wider you get to experience than ever before. The further again you can see out into this amazing sight.

Our ascent now constant, but at different levels we gently stop, for so much has changed. All of it there to be taken in, amazing the view is when we look around us, just right. For further and further now we can see with our eyes. The plants, the rivers, the oceans the trees. Spread out as far as the eye can see.

But also our heart begins to open to everything now felt in this place.

For an interesting thing happens when you rise like this. At first you can only see what is directly in front of you there. As if riding our invisible elevator with invisible opening doors, now opening at each level.

At first only that directly before you, you can see. But gradually, as the doors open more, more around you comes in sight. More exquisite the view.

What brought to this height maybe right, others needing more time, to advance. For it matters not in the end. These matters are of real Life, from deep inside.

But after some time a period to try to experience and express those things, to which words will never touch ever. So amazing the feeling of being here, gently suspended in space, and seeing all of this.

For then more view, more detail more change in this amazing sight. You get to look right and left and roundabouts, wherever you like.

For there, there in front of you a most amazing sight being revealed at each level we pause to take in.

For its no longer just with our eyes we can see. As you begin now to see the world with your heart.

Our beautiful planet more and more you can see. And then during our pauses now well understood. For each a plateau of learning, and seeing new things, when eyes ready to see afresh everything new hidden in plain sight. So detailed the view, remember.

The knowing that your question “There must be more to Life than this, right?”, has lead you right now here, to be in this place.

For as you rise again and pause for a moment to feel deeply the next view, for everything as if right there in front of you. For just out of arms length the level of detail still held.

For without request even understood, the magical view of the left and the right. Just continues to amaze and you can now see, like never before.

How amazing this place truly is and sadly all the destruction that also now come to view. For centred also aspects of how poorly we are looking after one and another and what destruction we so easily cause to ourselves and the only home we got. For seeing at this height now, also not without cost.

It is as if, in the analogy about to be given. You can see the people of the world before you. And feel each one’s pain and hurts. But still able to hold a smile, how focused, you’ve remained.

For that it is, what it feels like, often, very often in these days. As as you watch all the madness of this world, dancing before you.

And no judgement needed at all. Please not for a second. For this isn’t an ode of fantasy, nor of boast. Rather what it feels like when you start to rise and see more and more the depth of beauty in Life.

For real, for all of us, it should be. That of feeling Life so deeply and wishing the whole world would know it as deeply, as your own reality.

But grown you have regardless of the struggle that has brought us here, how far we have travelled. The knowing to know that everything is perfect against a grander plan, it all is.

But it’s not from Ego this has been given. For at any height above the ground, grown in you this entire journey, it has. The feeling of deep gratitude in what it is to be able to see all this colour. And at the same time, beyond a broken heart, you carry.

Just holding the slightest glimpse of this view. Whilst you know most around these days blinded, unable to see. Such is the burden trusted with the view at these heights.

So it’s not about me at all. It’s about you rereading this little flight we are taking together, now at this time. And taking on board that level of focus, gratitude and compassion. That feeling of freedom and celebration of Life itself. The entire gift of it all. To live well and in peace here on this planet together. For at least we could give it a try.

To know what it is to be able to see as now many begin to do. To know the level of gratefulness you’ve come to understand. For being here at any time, such a wonderful thing. And being able to see the view at the height you are at, now with me. Safe and still warm.

Knowing that there is probably no end to feeling, and seeing and knowing. You have now there before you. How totally amazing everything is. As you do the work, seek our path and are lead more and more by the heart.

As you rise now even higher, please do.

For such should be the feeling of Life inside us, all the time you see.

Opening up beyond perfection to describe, how exquisite the entire place is.

When we look back and see we have chopped all our trees down. The destruction caused at our hand, just tragedy everywhere, for all spent on waste. In hate anger or deceit.

For that gift of drifting now in space, looking down on wonderous things. You also get to see and feel the madness of how we live.

The destruction, consumption, and great sorrow we cause each other. And the harm to the planet, yes that is also yours, to understand.

For risen so far now we can see both sides. The good and bad and many asleep in their life. Such is the broken heart carried now and how the compassion, takes hold.

Chasing nonsense of current world and paying with it for your Life.

To see the rivers polluted and black. For this is what it feels like now, when we look back.

We see incredible beauty and the pain and suffering as well.

When you can see how tricked out of our inheritance, as we have all been. Right now here on this Earth.

And how abundantly irrelevant all those “important issues” we are told are ours. For this exquisite feeling can be so perfect, hard often it is to capture the breath.

For tremendous is the burden for the world and all those upon it to see and feel now the feelings you do and will for the rest of your life.

And yet another lesson even at that this time of celebration.

The one of knowing that in spite of all now understood and can be seen, destruction and all. Everything is going to one day to be as it should be and you are honoured now to play your role.

For now living honestly with your self, the only way. Trying to let others discovering their own answers, to what Life is supposed to be all about. To just continually be honoured to help other lives come into their own understanding, to help another Soul.

The excitement and Joy of it all.

This, this now, is what it feels like.

As we started our journey this was always the plan. To spend some time together and maybe let you see a few things you may have seen before, or maybe not.

And to answer that one beautiful question:

“There must be more to Life than this, right?”, remember it now.

I can testify, with my hand on my heart as we soar and look down on this wonderful place. “Yes there is”, my reply in return. For sure there certainly is.

For here, these words come from so deep from inside me. That you’d come and share the view. And put down all the nonsense and madness.

For the time arrives now, the coming of a new Life for us, ready or not. Wonderful it would be to look and smile together. As we see now coming into view as we lookout now at the horizon and can see it coming..

And now here in this moment as our story now whines to an end.

You are invited to stay holding the view seen through your eyes, cause our elevator can also go down. So you can return and remind yourself of the lesson that it took for you to arrive to that point. And remember the feelings that you had, what the lessons were.

To see all the amazing aspects of Life arriving into yours.

“There must be more to Life, right?

Well yes there is. Make sure you enjoy yours.

Take as much time as needed, holding the views, please do. For now is the time to begin feeling just a little bit grateful, in being here.

And that is indeed what it feels like to wake up in your Life.



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