What is Normal?

What is Normal?

It is normal to have some hurts and pains. To carry them for Life, to not heal them is not. To allow them to define who you are how you react to others is not.

It is normal to need help and support. Alone these loads can crush and destroy, over time especially so.

It is normal to want to live more open and free, in liberty with each other. Deceit, Hatred, suffering are not.

It is normal to forgive yourself and heal wounds. It just is.

It is normal to help others find their place in the world. The who of who they are. Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude will never grow old.

It is normal to be free of worry, pain and suffering. To be in now. Stress, anger and pressured Lives are not.

It is normal to find Love. For everything around is a pure expression of the same.

It is normal not to care about judgement, ridicule and limitation. From others’ fear, come those things.

It is normal to respond to the deep need to feel totally deeply loved. Rejection, loneliness, bitterness are not healthy places to spend too much time.

It is normal to take quality time to listen to another. To truly come to a compassionate place of understanding for each other. Everything else is not.

It is normal to create the time required it takes, to find yourself. There is no need to

It is normal to have suffered a broken heart, or two. But you aren’t supposed to be consumed by them. Let not your candle fade.

It is normal to let go and just be. For Life was not supposed to be more complicated than that.

It is normal to allow loneliness in from time to time. But don’t forget to reach out.

It is normal to help another in need. For this is the kindness of man we are suppose to be.

It is normal to be concerned for the destruction we cause. For we have just one home.

It is normal to want better outcomes for yourself and all those about. Don’t forget to take next step.

It is normal to try to avoid the hurt and pain. But without these things, how would we see the light?

It is normal to look outside of one’s self for the answers. When nothing further from the truth could be. Infinity is in all directions. For that is what infinity is.

It is normal to find it hard to forgive yourself. But don’t forget to laugh.

It won’t be long now that all this will indeed be normal for those sharing this place. For who we really normally are will ask us to come on a journey soon. Where we start to normally be better individuals here together.

Better caretakers of our home. Everywhere around us, all will want to be. Thriving in balance with the Nature. The real meaning of wealth understood.

It is normal for a time to be arriving now where things such as this will no longer be required.

It will be normal then to be living magically together, in this magical wonderful place we share.

For it will be normal, not to have to carry such things.



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