Rivers of Gold II

Rivers of Gold

As always, Life’s layers there all the time. If brave and open you are to seek. No end to knowing wisdom to be found. As natural as the cycles of Life, to be.

For as the canny sailor does, using that of ocean current and wind about. He sets sail to navigate through the environment. Focus fixed, upon the destination desired.

For master, he has, that of the environment about. No harm or destruction the result. Rather to use what is offered, for his desire of travel and Port, as yet unseen.

For over much time, the craft of this travel learnt. Often going backwards in understanding to leap forward in the knowing required.

For it is now upon this canvas of mastering the elements around. To not be in conflict but rather to understand that which offered, to harness it as the craftsman. From which our Rivers of Gold can be opened more.

To be in tune just so, so as to walk upon the rice paper and leave, not a mark.

That if surrendered enough, you are. A time ahead will come to you, those that have done the work.

Where to begin to set your own sail upon the resonance offered will become individually your art.

Each destination uniquely yours, learnt how your own sail works. To be open to all, allowing that, that does not serve, to wash by. The gift that is you, as if above life, above that of drama and ego, your eyes on the horizon steadfast.

For offered to you in this thing called Life, above that of the flow of experience and mastering your freewill you’ll be.

Able to be what is needed for those around. Strong enough to stand when called, having surrendered all, well before. Able to forgive, even yourself To travel toward, the bags of yesterday, now not carried.

Able in these days to experiences to come and the waters to flow. Into the knowing, above doubt, your journey, uniquely yours, to follow your path. Freewill closer and closer to the wind that blows

Such is the singing of the tune, the resonance of learning, how to play, and be your own song. Above the experiences and in command of the freewill.

For you’ll be one, in your own way, with the orchestra that makes Life what it should be. Knowing why it is so, because you’ll know that you know, nothing at all, in the letting go.

Perfection it will be, your journey to hold close.

For our sailor no longer needs to look up at the sail. Connected to the sail, the ocean current and wind, offered for his journey, only he can take. Feeling the power, paying attention to the signals, the changes in direction required. Now obvious in the flow that abounds.

For you and the art of the sailor will be one.

No longer outside of the harmony singing all around.

But the master alchemist of the Rivers of Gold, you will have become.


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