Rivers of Gold III

Rivers of Gold

Yet in the knowing of knowing nothing at all, to hold your tune in resonance with the rhythms we call Life. To be the sailor, yourself, of your own Life. To hold the smile in those days that the others who know, do. The Joy of Life, now held in the gaze.

Again, as surrendered well before, you know to be. More and more revealed, more distance the gaze then held. Our Rivers of Gold, that which we are and this paradise inside which we find Life.

Another layer, another shore to be sought, comes into view.

For individually as those that know do. As our “sailors” now individually a master of the seas.

Further into the song, the tune can be played.

For inside this Life, you see. A magic so vibrant arrives into view.

A tune so exquisite, with resonance so deep, almost as if painful it is to hear. So crushing, with weight beyond measure it is to hold and know, what a place it is to find yourself vibrating in such places.

For the truth you see, this song, this resonance, this conscious that was before time. Offers us, the collective us, the opportunity to create our own tune.

For it is, the case is, true beyond doubt, that if many, sailors become. The masters of the very rhythm of collective Life, we can become, alongside.

Crafting our future together we can all be. Where storm and disasters, things of the past. Creators of our weather of compassion and Love we can be. No need from anything of the past.

No longer to be found behind locks and fear we can Live. No longer needing to kill or to harm.

We can collectively together you see, change the very Nature of the future as it arrives to us, today.

For called now, in these days we all are. For this change in our Nature and the Nature around us all, comes, in these days, ready or not.

For our future now calls to us go in another direction. Where the things of today will be no more. Where those that collectively know the knowing will come out to play.

For it will be them and those that take heed of the calls, beckoning in their lives. Who stand, fully committed to write a new song. From inside themselves.

For at this time, like never before, opportunity offered to calm the stormy seas. To suffer no more, from the winds that blow.
Rather ours, the days now coming soon.

Where the real masters collectively of the Rivers of Gold, we will become.

For those that know this Song. and know then, how, to write a new song. Be called.

When we resonant together in one accord, individually, of course.

Such is the change now offered, for all of us, the collective us, to
resonant into a new future.

Where the depth of a new Kindness of Man will be understood.

In the Rivers of Gold, we will have created, then, flowing by.

Such is the magic offered to us now, in this thing we call Life.

To return to this resonance, where Life, simply a Joy.

Where that of Love, Gratitude and Compassion become the collective beckons of our living together on this single planet we all call home.

Then the creators of our own Rivers of Gold, we’ll be. For that was always how it was supposed to be.

Such are the Rivers of Gold, offered in these times. Or not, for even choice is yours.

Of Abundance, Peace and Joy maybe, worth a go right now.


Pathways to Resonance

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