Life, where did it go wrong?

Life, where did it go wrong?

Corporations treated like Gods. Legally created, non-entities, all consuming, damn the consequences let’s just take and make.

Governments, puppets of hidden agenda, feeding the interests of the corporations.

The Law, meant to trip up and deceive, trickery at best, but much much worse it seems. Entrapment now the game.

Our planet, our home, haemorrhaging under the stain. In parts now toxic for thousands of years.

Our community, dashed to asunder, fear now so entrenched, that community takes it last breath.

Oh the future seems perhaps worse for those that come.

And yet Life, did it truly go wrong?

Do I (we) still have our choice to make, today, in the moment about what roots we put down?

For as a single seed sown, can reap regeneration beyond measure, so our choices can have the same outcome.

No Law, no toxic corporation, no government, can stop you to decide how you will respond to your life today.

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