Hands up

Anyone who was hurt in childhood in some way.

Those who lost a parent or both during the young years.
Anyone who has felt deeply alone.

Who spent many years in anger at someone else.

When it felt like nobody understood you. Not a bit.

If hating yourself was common place.

Your’ve dreamed of better days.

If you felt that Life was being terribly unfair.

If you have done terrible things that you now regret.

Hands up also if:

Life has had some truly amazing times.

Your breath can get taken away by the most simplest of things.

You’ve smiled with the warmth of morning Sun on the cheek.

You know what it is to Love deeply, with all your Soul, real deep.

Your dreams can take you back to fantastic memory, there held in space.

You able to smile at Life, good and bad, you know the way.

You’ve felt the warmth of a deep sensual touch.

Your experiences gained, to no one, can you explain. All wrapped up in one.

Stand there now in the crowd. Turn and see who around still has either hand down.

You see from this light cast thus, there is actually no difference between the you and me.

For our experiences we have had them call. Just differences in the blend in the experiences my way.

Remember those hands, those same hands up, with yours when you next look at a stranger. Have opportunity to say hello to someone new. When you see someone struggling and stop now to lend a hand.

Oh how different we all are.

Just remember who had their hands up when reading this little ode.

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