Silence on both sides it is

In the moments just before being born. In the mothers’ womb held. The world and everything it in, just beyond it all is. Because in spite of all the vibrations felt, everything of noise comes in from another place. For there you are growing in that silent world.

In this place, just before you arrived, silent you were.

In a world where memory now, of no use. For this is the time, where for you conscious didn’t yet apply. For Life hadn’t truly begun, before being born.

In a silent place, just before Life. There you were. If quetly now you go inside, your soul knows that time well. It can be felt, from way inside.

And if before the start then, from when did I come? For how did I arrive right now to be alive in the mother’s womb.

Perhaps the experience of growing up inside, a form of entry procedure having left the other side.

Then the race starts, for into the human race we are told we are born. Middle age all too quickly, leaps from around just a moment of time to come. With old age, if blessed enough to have survived, arriving all too fast it seems.

As if you have been robbed of all of your Life itself. For now it just feels so, so quick. Gone your Life has, in just a moment or two.

The beauty, the bit that makes you laugh and smile even then. When mind’s eye cast back to feet it again. The not so good parts, where you feel in you core, much better might outcome have been if you had acted differently.

Where you can see those sparse moments, if lucky enough to witness them, you know what was going on, only for you benefit. Where it was you that the entire world was spinning for you, right there in that moment. For these are those of great learning and overcoming so much we all get opportunity to respond as we like.

To honour as best as possible the journey’s we came t o support others through. For indeed all, all of it, a breath taking gift, we call Life. All of it.

Then death, hopefully, gently arrives. For our departure is the normal wind of Life, just blowing through. We get to share it for a while, if you listen real hard. Together in this place. We truly do. If only we could see it.

Back into the silence of another place, we go. Not more.

For as they say we were born, then we past. Just another part of the journey expressed right there.

Perhaps with its’ own requirements of arrival journey implied. Now just in reverse.

For perhaps to step in and outside of time. The time of silence at the arrival and departure. As Natural as the breeze on the cheek, summer’s sun, radiantly warming your face.

Perhaps into the silence again for just the shortest of times, so all required. When we “leave this place”. Death of anything not even close.

And then it strikes you gently at first, in that time in mother’s womb you were, no memory of then do you carry. And so it’ll be the same in feelings way as you gently slide out of here again.

For all these experiences here we are having, oh so sweet all of it. To come here and feel as deeply as we do.

To touch, to smell, to hold hands, to kiss, to Dance, to music we know as Life. The feeling coming from deep within you. What it truly is to alive in this place. To be given all of this and each other.

Silence on both sides it is.

The coming here and the returning home again.

But the lightness of being awaits. Where all pain and suffering now not even a distant memory. Just gentleness and that deep loving of Love swarming in and around again all the time.

Silence on both sides it is.

But if you see through eyes privileged to see. Seeing that for which words have no purpose. Easy to consumed by the incredible beauty of it all.

On both sides of this experience we are having here right now.

Just stepping back, not less. Being grateful for all learnt, whilst we journeyed here, thus.

Life, this journey, the beating of a drum. The coming and going.


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