The beauty of Life can make the full spectrums of Light itself, such a tiny piece.

For the being here and the knowing, sensing the energy inside this gift of Life.

To know the dance, the Life in between the notes. The raw power in the gaps, the Love too strong.

The harmonies, the sweet music this Life really is.

To be trusted with such power, each of us can literally change the world. Together we can create paradise or choose to destroy it, as we seem to be doing today.

To hold such views beyond mere words. For as the picture starts to illuminate the stitching that makes this pace what it is, begins to focus before.

That of fabric to express, for it flows here, through everything. It makes everything what is. That of no top or bottom.

Like every particle it takes to make this place what it is, is celebrating all the time with everything around it. The power of Love it takes to make this place what it is. Beyond containment of words, it truly is.

To grant and make the expression possible of all the things we care to do and experience. All of it, a gift from such a place.

Such the cloth, the Love it takes to make this place, just so.

The finest gold weave nowhere close. For this is cloth of the ebb and twist, constantly in beautiful flow as it gently slides pass and through all of us.

The real substance of Life if you like. No need then of anger hate and rage.

Just a constant knowing for us to continually try to do the best we can, exists. Nothing else, not right or wrong, only this. Raw powerful Love, so strong it would smash mere mortals, to dust.

But gaze upon it, yes we can do, from afar.

What seen beyond words to describe. The breath taking art of it all. The dimensions of everything made possible. As the fractals of conjunction flow. That from beyond, that makes this and that.

As we walk in fields of gold. Whether we see and feel it or not. For paradise is here before us all, until we are ready to see the sights.

To “see”, also in this case, some clarification might be required. This isn’t the world of only sight, but rather the who we really are, starting to take hold. For to find this view, this knowing, these places, these are your rights of experience, you’ve never been told.

But to see in this way, just to be perfectly clear, begins to arrive the split second, you begun to care about yourself, those around and our home. When holding gratitude all day the task at hand, so immersed in the gift of Life you have become.

When you’ve been bold enough to look yourself in the mirror and really been brave enough in spite of all, to see the beauty that is you. To then walk the path that is only yours to do. Where the sharp edges must come off. And yet you’ve held yourself there, against the stone.

Then to see is know from all those unexplainable places inside us, how amazing, and what a celebration it truly should be, just to be here.

To see, is to let go. With every part of you, the who, you are.

Then you’ll come to see this amazing fabric around everywhere, through and in everything. That aspect of the pure information of creation flowing past.

And let not this little journey here expressed, take anything from you in this regard.

For the only thing ever possible, upon arrival here. We were all born without border or limitation as to what we can create and experience as we travel through Life.

So what now expressed above. Not that of dream or fantasy. Rather let it speak to how incredible we all are. For nothing recorded here, anything other than the normal to which those who know, are heading.

Your right in equal portion to explore who you are without limitation. The same as the individuals on your left and right. No one is born with any limitation at all. All in equal portion given. No chance in fact, that anyone has missed out.

Just a boundless amazing gift of the expression of Life we all are.

And if lucky enough, as you commit to being present in your own life. And stay your own unique path, you must. One day this exquisite view might also hold your eye, as it does mine.

This fabric of Life that’s all about.

Just eager to arrive, not more.


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