The spark that which life is

The spark that which life is

That gift given, without cost, yet immeasurably taken for granted. Waste not a tic, not one.

Remember; remember the gift given, without hidden clause, for you to discover freely all that life has to offer.

Take moments often to pause, and remember, be grateful, for all that is given.

The stress others would have you adopt isn’t yours, nor is it necessary. Value the grace that is your next breath.

Look for that sparkle in life, so, so bright and powerful if you know where to look.

It’s in the sparkle of a smile, the glint of the very centre of the eye, the love given freely by choice, without reserve.

Take the time to learn to forgive yourself for dragging so much baggage without. Learn how to put those bags down, and dance.

It’s not about the storm, its about dancing in the rain.

Feel the first wisp of a gentle breeze on your face. Stop and take notice.

Look for the bird flying, against the sky, the beauty unchanged, untainted by man. The rain, the smell of a fresh life starting with every drop.

Remember the freshness, crisp at every turn, when you remember that you do truly know and always have where to turn experience all. All life, this gift, has already empowered you to experience.

Breath, stop and breathe. Take in all life is already, that you have removed yourself from.

You are so much closer, just exist now in the moment, open to all around. Without judgement.

With a tear this is given, to me and you.


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