When will we put down all the programming?

The hate and distrust installed. The “ownership” trap. The consumption that is toxic to the core?

“They” aren’t the problem. I am and you are.

Changing the world, wishing for something better, takes but a step, not more. Step by step the sum total is the change desired.

Courage is required to put down everything programmed, picking up instead thoughts and actions that are your own.

To change the words from entrapment and bondage to words of encouragement and freedom.

To choose instead to laugh and cry a little, than shout and scream so as not to let the world in.

To choose to be honest, in the moment, without thought of destruction.

To put down the stress and the anger replacing instead with peace and caring.

To put down the gun, the knife, the fist, the bad agenda and instead stretch the arm to say hello in a personal way.

To put down the Ego and instead learn to listen.

To stop building the walls and instead build a place that others can rest in.

We are all, and so much more, more than we ever can possibly imagine. Once the prison of programming has been revealed.

But who can take that step?

Only you, and you only.

No one can make the change you desire, apart from you.

“They” are not the problem. I am and you are.


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