Have you lost your balance?

Have you lost your balance

If you take a moment to think about your balance, the real balance of life how weighted or where is the weight in your life?

On the job? The mortgage, the credit card debt? Being upset or angry at someone? The daily newspaper? Planning for bad things to happen to someone else? Constantly worrying about what the world would have you do? Listening to “The news” (whatever that means) worried about things out of your control.

Distracted by endless TV series that take you no where? Feuding with folk, making enemies where you needed none? Following everyone else’s lead so as to not stand out in the crowd? Always striving for that next best thing. Texting in endless streams that take you no where?

Or, and to provide balance, just even a bit …..

How much time do you spend with yourself, with friends, just to share and laugh? Outside being, just because you can? Quietly reading or mediating.

Day dreaming, letting your mind wander, painting, following your heart? Being out doors away from the noise, with mobile phone off? Crying, just to release? Being still, on life’s biggest adventure? Talking deeply, because you can?

Making new friends and lending a hand? Caring, caring deeply about whatever matters to you? Being at peace, just because you decide to?

With all things considered

Where is your balance, have you lost it?


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