Life so abundantly clear

Life so abundantly clear

So crammed full, of all that is “good”. Yet when paused for a moment all is toxic to the core.

Toxic the food provided, toxic the air breathed, poisoned the water consumed, to another agenda this tune played. Even the extreme where hunger and death abounds, wars played out, is simply another scene in the play.

Life is abundantly clear, is yours now, was given in the moment, without your permission, never given away.

The skills needed, you have all you need.

All takes is to listen from the core. To be honest, present in the moment, aware at the tic. To put down the Ego, the pride in the mind, and instead listen with every fibre inside.

You have all you need; its abundance cannot be described. Right before, as is has and will always be.

The rest will past, past in a flash, revealed for the smoke, the side show, it has always been.

Today, as yesterday held, is your choice, still waiting for you to decide.


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