All will fade before you

All will fade before you

Everything that is seemingly real today will not be tomorrow.

All you have been taught to touch and see isn’t what it seems.

Reality is before you. you make it. Others have built much for you, with agendas hidden from view. Complex and distracting, filled to the brim it must be to try to keep you busy. Busy cramming even leisure, recreation in.

We weren’t supposed to be drowning in life, but rather expanding and experiencing through it. A gift is given and yet taken almost before the start.
What things are solid, what truly lasts?, for all will fade but a few.

Where do you place your heart? With things that will fade from this world, ever in decay, only constructed to last few a very brief time. Or where things will continue forever.

If you start to take the vale down, to make clear your sight, seeing through the ,mist, then the real things of life become in sight.

Who are you in the moment? What does this experience now tell you about yourself? Where is the laughter, the time with family and friends? The kindness given in secret, the smile, just because you can.

All things that appear solid are not, those that seem aren’t, are.

Will you remain robbed, robbed of your life? Or decide instead to seek a different path, your own path, deciding for you what is right and wrong, where to love, where to invest yourself.

Life is for living, not for the game. Life is a very serious thing, to be enjoyed.

Put down, put down the rest. For the agendas of others are powerless, if you decide.


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