The Spirit abounds

The Spirit abounds

It is everywhere, more abundant than ever conceived, ever thought possible. Mind blowing large.


In the moments, every one of them, life waits. It waits without judgement, arms open, no condition, no expectation required. Just warm, open and without any shadow, nothing hidden.

In your spirit life awaits, awaits for you to turn off the world to discover the gifts of life at your very core. Like a gull playing on the waves, soaring playing with the wind and water. Just because it can, for the sheer pleasure. So your spirit waits to soar with you.

Life, a gift to you, waste not a moment. Let very few distractions in. Learn to be at peace with yourself. Learn to listen to the heart. It holds the truth beyond this life.

Life, a precious gift given, yours to behold or waste. Let your Freewill decide.


Let it not slip through fingers, like sand. Cherish it, hold it close, understand the gift. Waste not a moment


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