If only gratitude was popular


Ever wondered what a different world we might wake to one day.  When we have begun again to remember who we are.  Who and what we were supposed to be.  When we decided to make a few changes around us.

The difference just or even if only one simple thing, moved just a little bit.

Many the selection possible, when mind holds the picture thus.  To think upon just one aspect of change and what would the resulting changes feel like.  Everyone has the muster to pause for a moment and consider it.

For more than all the stars in nights sky the possibilities.

Delight the outcomes, no other result possible for the positive impacts, just one simple change would affect.

For the sake of focus let’s spend a moment or two considering just one, together.  You know to help make it a reality when we think about such things.  For energy flows where attention goes, as we have all come to know.


That hardly ever heard, now day’s word, in anyone’s conversations.  Almost never actually in recent times.  For when last time possible to remember over hearing anyone holding gratitude for anything.

Old fashioned maybe, but have we considered that maybe the real answers might lay in our past?

For the next few moments.  Just imagine the changes we would all feel if with held a bit more gratitude for a few things around us all, today.  Let the picture grow for about

If we had real gratitude to the primary producers that grow our food.  You know, so all of us can eat, what we do.

If we had gratitude to all those that literally keep all the lights on and services running we come to take for granted.  In a constant condition of accolade they so find themselves.

Applied some gratitude to all the folk working so hard around the world.  Who support us now, more than ever.

But what if we continue to expand this feeling now a bit wider again.

Some gratitude and time spent on caring and restoring all the damage done already to our home. Being grateful for the Earth beneath our feet.  Actively all of us taking care of our piece of the planet, the entire place.

Gratitude for the water that supports infinite expressions of Life.  To ensure everyone has free and easy access to good quality water that keeps us all alive.  To be that grateful for it, all you would want to do is to share it, with others.  The elixir of Life it is.

Gratitude that all of it, the sky, the oceans, the rivers, the ice, all of it.  Is even here to enable us to carry too much pride about our own lives.  So that we would stop trying to pull further and future away nature, when further from The Truth we could be.   Just being grateful for it

Last time, but out a little further the boundaries, now we push.

Because there is no need to look outside your own personal world, thus.

Some gratitude for each other wouldn’t hurt.  For family or friends perhaps.  Gratitude enough to remedy previous infractions.  To let those around you, that you have gratitude towards them.  For them being in your Life.  What healing and mended honesty might gratitude have, when applied thus?

But wider and small go again we can.

Gratitude for your body, you know that thing you live in, right now.  For can anyone show any of us, what part we each had, in our arrival to this Life, we are in?  For none of you would exist if you weren’t given your body in the first place.

Gratitude for the knowing of what it is to Love.  That you can hold and express it for another, at all, a miracle taken for granted it seems.  Gratitude for smiles and laughter we can enjoy.  For the friendship of friends.

Gratitude for being able to hear, see, listen and interact with each other and our world.  Gratitude for the smell of the fresh new, grass mowed, lawn.  Gratitude for being able to see the sunsets, so powerful as if to remove the heart.

Gratitude for expression, exploration, the arts, and all the tangents we can express ourselves through.

For now here we find ourselves, with just maybe a small tiny aspect of any expressed above.  Now held deep inside us.  Where mind’s eye and heart go feel what it would be like.

To live on this amazing place together with just one small change in the gratitude we might bring into each new day.

So there, right in the middle of you holding the energy of it, exactly how it would feel, to be found now, you can be.  This powerful change just one little change on how we conduct ourselves.  And the positive impact it would have on us individually and collectively.

Such softness might even abound in those days.

If just a tweak more gratitude each of us decided to carry, into our day.

What a difference such things, might make.


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