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If only gratitude was popular

Ever wondered what a different world we might wake to one day.  When we have begun again to remember who we are.  Who and what we were supposed to be. ...

Posted by | 10/03/2024 | Discovery, individual, Pathways, self, spiritual
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There’ll come a time
There’ll come a time

When, then on that day, the last person who held any memory of me, will have moved on. The essence, the who I was, finally lost. For after day no...

Posted by | 12/11/2023 | individual, journey, New Human, personal, self
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You know, when you fell
You know when you fell

You know, when as a child something small went wrong. A small scratch perhaps. But the sky had fallen upon you. Or you know when someone or a group picked...

Posted by | 26/10/2023 | Awareness, journey, personal, self, spiritual
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