There’ll come a time

There’ll come a time

When, then on that day, the last person who held any memory of me, will have moved on. The essence, the who I was, finally lost. For after day no one can speak of me in a first hand way. And after that who may have held tale or two have departed. Any articulation of who I might have really been will be lost.

Unless of course I happened to be famous, whatever that means, then the flame of energy held for an extension of time.

Which most of us, of course, are not.

So your Life comes and goes and if you or I are lucky maybe an aspect of us held for just one generation more.

That’s it, not more, for the entire Earth’s history. Who I am the essence of me, here for maybe just a nanosecond worth’s of time.

Compared to the Oceans, their functions, the times of currents. The mountains as they slide into the seas. The air as it moves as it does for millennia or more. For the plates upon we live to continue to float and reform. As they have done and will continue to do, long after we are gone.

For who knows, perhaps many civilisations come and gone completely in that blurred thing we call history.

And what is important to me is the brand name upon which shoe I am looking over to buy. What I’ll look like so important, we have been told.

Take a moment, please do, to cast your mind into those things of your desires and see how unimportant most them might be. Given the briefest of time to make a mark here.

To try to advance the lot for those coming us.

That of endless consumption, totally nonsense, you might now see it to be.

Take a moment please do. For maybe no one asked of you, what I do now.

To reflect upon how little time we get here really to make even that of our kids’ lot, just a tiny bit better, than ours. And how important it really is to be proved right on anything.

For we have more important outcomes to achieve.

How unjustified all the hate and anger is. When we pause and really think about how little time we get to be the guest of this place, that keeps us all alive. And how crummy we are treating it.

There’ll come a time, you see when any memory of any us, last light gone out. Just around the corner really. Hardly even here we all are. Just about not even for a moment.

But this the only opportunity given for any of us to make any difference at all. Especially if we are already playing inside someone else’s game and rules.

We need not be witness to all the death and destruction, hunger and disease you see. We need not, others to tell us how to simply be better towards each other. No law can limit, ever.

Rather with this single ray of light in time our energy, for it is not wider, could be focused on amazing things. Rather than all this nonsense of now.

There’ll come a time, you see when the times of our own life will be no more and no one can tell us exactly when that is going to be. So even in this there is risk. When not a thing more you’ll be able to do and shortly after that you’ll be forgotten.

When our ability to wake up and strive towards better things will be no more.

And we get such only a moment of time to do it.

This is the truth of this journey.

There’ll come a time, you see.

Where what we did as individuals will matter not.

But history will be our witness. Did we survive or kill ourselves and destroyed our home. And with that slimmest moment of time, you call your life. In you, you see, is and will always be, the power to greatly change the outcome.

There’ll come a time, you see.


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