You know, when you fell

You know when you fell

You know, when as a child something small went wrong. A small scratch perhaps. But the sky had fallen upon you.

Or you know when someone or a group picked on you for no apparent reason. Leaving you feeling substandard, lower than the rest. Down on yourself.

When perhaps the feelings about failure and not being good enough, had consumed. Darkness, it seemed, overwhelming at the time.

Though no amount of trying, something really desired had constantly remained out of reach. And it broke your heart. Frustrated you so much.

Or when the eyes, aching sore and tired, no more another tear could be cried. So much pain and sorrow, on the point of giving up.

When someone had allowed you to discover your truth for yourself. Rather than easily telling you. They gave you the time, to put it altogether, for yourself. Much richer the result.

In these is the pain and suffering we focus on, normal for some reason, it has become. When there may be so much more to see?

Do we ever take stock of the people that “appeared” to help us put it all right again? Or that, whatever it was that arrived into your Life, timing perfect it seemed.

The mother for the child, naturally. Or those dear friends or maybe a family member that was there to support us in our hours of need.

Perhaps it was a complete stranger. That, in timing most perfect, did something perhaps seemingly trivial. But forever changed your thoughts about self or the goodness you are.

The silly little thing you needed permission to tell yourself that you were going to be ok. Or the words and support from others that let you know you were good enough, just like everyone else.
Your sense of knowing, of really belonging restored.

These things, perhaps not considered before the now of now.

Those people who were there all the time, perhaps not noticed before. Turning up to support you, sometimes just for a moment or two, not more. Or the sign not noticed seen a thousand times before. That is now all you can see, when you need it most.

For you know, when you fell.

The gratitude, the real honest down to earth gratitude. That in perfect timing all these things arrived for you. That you held, if even in unspoken word.

That may have been so quickly forgotten.

For you know, when you fell.

Hold the gratitude now going forward for the brilliant way that what you truly need, shows up, when needed most.

Perhaps even that these things happen, so we may see the light.

Just simple gratitude no less.

For all those people and signs you needed.

To let you know you are just perfect as you are.

Remember not the sadness, pain and sorrow. Rather smile now in the knowing of what is truly important in such things.

For you know, when you fell.

Remember the goodness that came rushing in.

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