To Be Awake

Ever ponder, ever considered, what is this state?

To be awake, totally so, of all that surrounds, where we are going, one must consider the point of start. This is not a start made of body, nor mind, nor the soul, but actually all three balanced, upright and whole.

As the three and six balanced by the nine, in that of ying and yang, so it is so for the body mind and soul. The body three, mind 6, held in balance, controlled, balanced by the nine, the soul. This, all of it, is the balance that must be aware.

To be awake, must mean none in isolation.

The body cared for and nurtured, is a place to start. The mind questioning, aware of all that surrounds, essential as well. But without the soul, the ultimate balancing agent, awareness perhaps can only be the final state.

Being awake, it seems, even acceptably so is to be able to cite all that is bad in the world. Knowing, liking and sharing, all the same noise, even with body perfect, it seems is enough. And yet …. Where is the balance, the self-control, where is soul?

Awareness, not a bad place to be, but awake maybe not.

Unless the investment made, to be able to check the mind and decide in spite of logic, can we really be awake? Unless Ego controlled, thought held within, mind wide open, mouth shut tight, can awake really be claimed?

Your vessel, that sweet balance of three, can only be awakened, when flight taken together as one.

Understand please, the gap holds all, spirit guided, without boundary or limitation. The mind must be held checked, to allow energy flow, to be able to listen with the whole. The darts that drag down are: Ego, doubt, regret, fear, the things of mind, yet the balanced you’ll be, when working on the three.

The mind isn’t the guide, it can never be.

To really be awake, one must consider the whole, taking care to give up control. In this definition only guidance remains, intent in the moment, the teacher of all.

This journey begins, when picture made clear, leaves you seeking for all you can’t hear. Put down the ego, the noise, and for most part the mind. Pick up the balance, as defined before time. It’s the 3, 6 and 9 together that rhyme

Don’t be distracted for time is short. Make sure every effort is not for nought.

Consider before all, the investment made, to be balanced, and awake, you must be ready, balanced in the three, it’s the only way.

Then awake might considered you’ll be, moving in the flow as it was descended to be.


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