Awesome, when were you last so?

Awesome, when were you last so?

To celebrate, think hard when did you celebrate, just glad and grateful for being alive, today, in the moment, right now. The smile that is so easy to give, doesn’t cost a thing, yet brings so much light. Into to the deepest corners of darkness, just even a smile can spray light in ways you know not.

When did you really stop and smell the roses, watch the grass grow, listened to the sounds of beauty all around?

Were grateful, grateful for all you have, grateful for the friends, the family, even your next breath, and the one last taken.

Put down the weight of the world (acknowledge that that saying has power, if you let it) put it down. Pickup instead life, so abundant and rich, that to contain it would be impossible. Shining so bright that everyone will want some to. Take the time to show them, all they are, all they were give to discover. Take the time to be a safe place to share.

Take the time to become yourself, not that which the world tells you must be.

Take the time to be awesome in your own way, today.

Just be awesome, in your own way, not big, not to the highest of heights, scared.

Just awesome in your way, today, right now, just where it always has been. Just in the next decision taken, the hand outreached, the time feeling today.

Who said you couldn’t be ……..


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