This place we call home, we have but one

This place we call home, we have but one

Raping, abuse, making toxic and poisonous seems to be the best we can do in many parts of the world.

The change, the only place it can come from is you.

We all need to consume lots lots less in our lives. We all need to drop the hate, anger, the EGO that drives “my way” without consideration. There is no “us” and “they” as we all only have one home, this planet called Earth.

The planet weeps, in places twisted and in pain it seems to be, others wounds open and raw with us creating more. Not of its own making, for the most part this place we all call home will rise to heal itself, at the peril of all mankind. We are not God’s, finite consumption is impossible, we are guests in this nature, we experience.

We are the creators of how we interact and live on this single home. We can choose another path. We can put down the need to constantly consume, no more than garbage creators we seem to have been molded into.

The Laws of nature run at odds to the endless consumption model we are all driving, or part of. We will not win the contest. Natural law stands across the top of whatever system is driving through us.

Please think about how you live and why. How told you (programmed you) that this is the only way? Why have you chosen just to follow?

You (and I) have choice. Where will you stand?


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