The World seems in decay

The World seems in decay

With hate and anger, distrust, crime, pollution, corporations with agendas without regard for our home. Politicians running amuck, insisting the show of puppets must go on. So much war, destruction, murder, easy to find just a click away. Fear the order of the day.

Fear the neighbour for agenda maybe not yours, maybe even something in deceit! Do not risk even a smile towards someone yet to be a friend. Close your doors, hide away, into isolation you must rush, don’t risk standing out in the crowd. Being robbed we all are by these agendas, flowing at torrent rate. Just be in Fear and leave the rest to us.

Idols, things to worship and be distracted by, scream out for your time and attention. Do everything other than what you really could / should be doing, please?

Aggressors abound around the planet, with media pumping at full volume and more, telling you to isolate yourself and let others take responsibility for your life’s decisions. Being robbed of your life you are.

Trust us, give us your right for you to be you. We know what is best, we will keep you safe. Only to drive division and separation deeper and deeper, it is. And more causing people to rely on “others” for all that is needed, such a dangerous game. These slopes so slippery, so insidious, slowly over time, when looking back forgotten even the start point is. Lost everything will be.

Yet the real stories of the day remain tucked away.

Poverty remains the number one killer, bar none.

Our home, our only one, we are killing at alarming rates.

You are all powerful in your own way; you are just being programmed to forget.

And still where is the celebration of life?

Maybe Change might become the order of the day?

To change to walk away from these slopes the foundation must be, that you start changing the things you do that don’t help. For nothing will happen unless all the finger pointing, yelling, screaming, shouting, hate and anger stops. And this can only start with you. For if you don’t who else will?

This journey is not for the faint of heart, but for those that know deep down, that the noise of the world is a lie. Thin as a wispy veil when you decide to step beyond.

Turn off the media, ignore “the news”, put down the distraction and decide to be that change.

Live with a smile at the ready for everyone you see.

Decide to take risks to lend a hand.

Consume less, be careful about what you purchase and why.

Open your door; just decide to make it so. Build community where you stand. Teach others to do the same.

Do no harm to yourself or others.

Don’t spread bad news or anything with fear based agenda. That needs not your energy.

Live well where you are upright, honest just because you can.


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