Life is given, before the first breathe

Life is given, before the first breathe

You are the gatekeeper the holder of this precious gem.

Yours the choice to do with what you may. Yours to stomp on, to fight through, to rip apart, to scream and shout. To hate to fight to be in pain, or worst cause.

But yours also to celebrate, to cherish, to hold dear, to share to love and give away, to empower to encourage and enjoy.

What to seek so you will find.

Where then might be the treasure that may have been previously hidden, that you may choose to seek?

  • It’s in the criticism of your actions, by a friend or family member if you listen to grow and absorb, rather than to bounce and deny.
  • It’s with the person that wants to cause harm, if you understand the learning presented.
  • In the person who just ticked you off, however so.
  • And yet abounds limitless far beyond the personal boundary.
  • It’s in the hand held by the father to the son.
  • In the hug, that safe place between mother and daughter.
  • The hand reached out in a moment of need, by a friend or stranger.
  • That contribution made because someone decided to give.
  • Your act of forgiveness, just because you decided.
  • More incredible richness each one of us has, life bursting towards us, at every turn.
  • Its in your path, when walked, discovering without reservation, regardless of the norm or the judgement.
  • Its in the effort the steadfast focus to achieve whatever is your muse.
  • Its in the reward given to yourself, in that moment when no one else is looking.
  • The tear rolling slowly down the cheek, in that moment overwhelmed.

With horizon expanded, for there is always limitless infinity, life explodes in celebration.

  • Those clouds hugging the trees, just a wisp on that crisp winter morn. The glint of the sun through a rain drop on a leaf.
  • The smell, the freshness of the rain breaking a heat wave.
  • Those birds playing on a thermal, in celebration.
  • The smell of the ocean fresh.
  • The smile given just because someone else can, give to you.

Limitless, abundant, endless, without judgement.

How you, you, choose to live. When at end all, how you return the gift given, what custodian you choose to be, will be all that mattered.

Let nothing distract you from the path before, given as a gift for you to walk.


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