A rift opens before us

A rift opens before us

It is a natural thing, born to happen in this time, from time of past. Cycling through the ages as always it has done.

It doesn’t seek to choose, nor deny, but rather just happens as naturally as water in a stream. ripping and separating until gold does remain.

What remains after this time is a world born of new thinking. Filled with hope and promise. Foundations steadfast in ways not burdened from the past.

Doesn’t matter to nature which side you stand. For the rip, the separation comes, in spite of all.

Yet on one side tremendous anguish there is. For life can not remain. As for the other side, regardless of how tiny the piece, life will flourish anew. With those who understood nature and all that that meant.

Which are you? For it is your choice to decide. Where will you invest your time, automatically selects which side?


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