What’s with all the noise, who am I?

What's with all the noise, who am I?

Life in a modern world seems to be one of the largest tornadoes I have ever witnessed.

Alive, off to school, picked on by peers, not understood, perhaps not listened to.

Work, man the stress. Up early home late, never enough time to scratch yourself.

Home tired, exhausted, no energy for kids or spouse.

Weekends crammed full of “stuff” a never ending list of stuff. Where even going away to rest causes even more pressure.

How would anyone be expected to find the time to breath in this confusing spin cycle?

Let alone work out who they are and why you react to things in the way you do. How to understand love, love of yourself then others around. How to invest in family and friends, if you had the time.

Yet, I find an answer that is so simple, most just simple don’t believe it could be true.

Just take the time to go inside at any time of the day and look, really take in your environment. The colours, perhaps some of the people around you. What you are thinking and why you are thinking it. The smell of the air your are breathing. How deep you are breathing.

Even in these busy times full of clutter and oh so much noise you can turn the noise off, drop the clutter for a moment or two and just be and start to discover yourself.


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