The madness abounds

The madness abounds

What others are struggling to take.

The “western world” so full of all that is good. Good enough it seems for others to want to take it over. Has anyone considered the insanity that is “our system”?

Let’s examine just one cycle contained therein. – FOOD (there are many many more)

We go to a super market and purchase “stuff” to eat.

This “stuff” is produced for us by companies and corporations for profit. (oh and BTW this does mean that not all food is good for us, being profitable and some marketing is all it takes)

These companies report to shareholders, who are driven by just two things Fear or Greed, not more.

So we give up demanding good food, healthy food, because others are driven by Fear or Greed, via a third party called a corporation.

Forgotten in just this one simple cycle is:

Food is supposed to be good for us, isn’t it? (Gone, given up, forgotten)

What long and short term affects does this have on everyone’s well being? (a huge amount of problems are tracked back to food related issues)

What of our children and their children’s health? (who cares, that is not my problem)

And yet this fantastic system others are killing for.

Can’t we do better? Shouldn’t we be doing better than this madness?

I can think of many such cycles that in no way now, derive the outcomes we think they are. Water, Education, Soil Conservation, Medicines, Air quality, clothing ….

If we want change, then we need to be the change.

One popular definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting to see a different outcome.



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