Fair – what drives us deep about everything being fair

Fair - what drives us deep about everything being fair

No one said life was going to be fair. In nature, as it is with us for we are also nature, nothing is fair. Bugs, birds, animals, trees, life comes and goes, some live some die, nothing from our judgement seems fair.

Yet when we grasp and hold tight to “fair”, so does our EGO grow. So do we seem removed just that bit more. We fight for our fair, what we say is right for me, it drives so much poison into the world.

The world isn’t fair.

Just like you one day I will die, at a time that I know not.

My family will go also, some before some later. My friends, my love the same. Some will have good health some won’t. Others will feel pain, whilst some laugh and love.

Yet the law of nature will continue to ebb and flow, as it has from before time start, for it cares not for what is fair and not.

Clinging so tight to things impossibly at odds to the world set tension so tight, it binds.

What if you tried to acknowledge what “natural” really means and let go of the concept of fair.

Drifting in the river that is life, as it is supposed to be. The freedom of surrender, the joy of seeing afresh, that which always was. Will you be brave enough to learn from the lessons yet unseen? Brave, brave indeed, so brave in fact, to let go of the world needing to be fair.

Sometimes the world just isn’t fair for nature knows no fair. What purpose then to constantly measure it thus? What the result of trying to hold fast to what doesn’t make sense?

For it is actually only the moment that matters most.



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