For peace in the world

For peace in the world

What does it take to see the world to be at peace?

To see the end of the wars, blotting our past, it seems forever.

To see the end of hunger and poverty across our home, stomped out.

To see the end of hate and wrong doings that seem to flourish everywhere.

To have food presented for purchase that is actually made to be good for you.

To be able to purchase products built to last.

To begin to trust those around you, not fearing each time sometimes comes too close.

What, what does it take, really? The simple and only answer has and will always be, so incredibly unstoppable, so incredibly strong, so so simple.

The answer is YOU. Not more not less, just YOU.

It is not for the faint hearted, or the weak, or for those that do not want to be credibly honest with themselves. Prepared to take risk, to be hurt sometimes, but be strong enough to get back up and keep going. All it takes is YOU.

Strong enough not to strike out, in word or deed, even when your action meets with rejection. Strong enough not to let your emotion or EGO determine your actions.

Strong enough to start right where you are, with whatever you have right now.

For you can change the world, truly change the world.

But how…..? With what can I start? (Actually it’s really simple, incredibly so)

Smile at someone, just because you decide to make that investment for them.

Say “Hi” to a complete stranger

Next time you ask “how are you?”, take the time to listen, really listen.

Do something nice for your friend or neighbour.

Build a community around you; witness to others how to do the same.

Then repeat, and keep repeating regardless of how many times your knee is scrapped by the words or actions of others. Be brave and strong, convicted to making a change right where you are.

All it takes is you and the choices you make. The bigger world, the world “out there” will take care of itself. Changed in part by your action and the ripple effect taking hold in your local, then larger communities.

You are and have all you need to get started, right now.

Don’t believe, that’s OK, but stops you from trying in spite of what you might think and feel?


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