Doesn’t matter, not at all

Doesn’t matter, not at all

The news. A concept now completely lost on me, in its current form.

Being right. Why do you (and I) need to be right?

Social Media. Mostly Ego driven. Unless looking with filtered eyes, lives consumed / time lost, is the only result.

Outside of your control. Anything you can’t directly influence and impact. (“Climate change”, nuclear power, corrupt politics, toxic corporations. Attack is not the place to start)

Natural Disasters – yes when lives lost, home destroyed they do. But seen another way they are all just nature, doing what nature does. It is just us being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

What others think. As long as you aren’t hurting the environment or your fellow man, it’s all good.

Failure. Not actually sure what that is really.

So what does matter then?

YOU and you alone. Your decisions, actions, thoughts and deeds are all that matter. When the “you” is factored across all the peoples of the world, you is all required. Want to see a different place, something better than you had, for your kids? Then start being that change now.

Your thoughts, your actions, your deeds, these are the things that are making your world and the world others will live in when you aren’t around.

You matter for yourself, your family, your friends and for the environment (all of it) around you.

You matter.


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