Life – be overwhelmed

Life - be overwhelmed

As I see the world there is much that looks, feels, and seems really bad. Distraction abounds everywhere. The stresses of the modern world play out each day, in each hour if you let it in.

Throughout however there is this amazing thing called Life going on right before us all.

The Sun rises, full moons come and go, birds fly, your lungs fill with air, if you focus enough to feel your breath.

Beauty surrounds, balance is absolute. In the clouds, the rain that falls, the winds that blow. The smell of the ocean, the crispiness of mountain air.

Have you stopped whilst eating anything, long enough to actually really taste the flavours, see the colours of what you are eating?

Felt the cool water of your next sip, slide gently into your body, life giving?

Understood the abundance that is everywhere when you look?

Life: Like standing in a torrent of warm water cascading down from high mountain tops. Almost gasping for breath, for volume so much. Yet so incredibly safe and secure you feel, standing there being drenched in the goodness that is life. So at ease when pressure put down. Just to be immersed in the beauty of Life.

And what of the waterfall, where might that be? Well actually it is upon you all your life, every moment of the day, if you choose to focus thus. The feeling captured in the photo is yours. Just a choice away.

Be immersed.


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