Rather the creator be

Rather the creator be

Since the beginning perhaps, from others you may have drawn your inspiration.

Wishing you could be just like someone in your family, your circle of friends, a teacher or coach, someone, anyone in an envious way.

Understandable actually given the programming instilled from the very beginning. Being taught to strive for the best, compared and comparing constantly. Just look at how good everyone else is doing, just to make you feel that you aren’t doing it up to par with the others.

Roles models abound also. From the spiritual, inspirational to the movie stars, leaders and all those others “we would like to be”. Because theirs is better than mine, whatever it is.

And yet……….

Aren’t all these actually exactly the same as you. They sleep, they love, and they have doubts and fears. They have all the perfections and imperfections that make them who they are, exactly the same as you.

Might be only the measure that skews the vision maybe, just maybe?

If true then what prevents from becoming your own inspiration? If measure changed then unlimited the result surly? Each of us in our own way has equally measure at the beginning. It is only the method of measure that we believer prevents us from being superstars in our own right in our own way.

Pick a path, make it yours, walk it with all mustered, all focus, become the hero of your own life.

It is not “them” that make the difference. When truth revealed. It is all of us making our own difference.

Rather the creator be.


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